Every family has a different tale to tell.  Most families really have no desire to get an updated portrait, and will often tell me very candidly they don't want to be at the session.  However, after everyone loosens up and we start joking around, pretty soon the session is over and they realize it really was NOT that painful.  It doesn't have to be a difficult process to get a family ready for pictures, and I can help you so that your experience that day will be more relaxed. 

My goal is to tell your story in a way that for years to come, you will look back on these moments and laugh, sigh or smile as you remember the day we spent creating the images.

Are you ready for a portrait session

that truly tells your story?

High school


Whether your senior loves cowboy hats and pickup trucks, or bags full of sports gear, or even just a pile of books and a chess board, we will talk ahead of time at length so I can get to know your senior and find out what makes him or her tick.  We will walk through outfit ideas, locations, and the best way to make him/her shine during our session.  Whatever their passion, I will find a way to bring that to life and tell their story through their senior portraits.

Offering outdoor, on-location, authentic sessions to tell your story 

Newborns and


There is nothing quite so special as a sleeping baby, especially if you have not slept in weeks!  I absolutely love taking my time to get those miracle newborn shots, the ones that capture the wrinkly feet, tiny fingers, and exhausted sleep.  Every once in a while, it involves poop or pee or puke, which all goes with the territory, but in the end, it is so worth it!  Maternity images are also a special way to remember the  beauty of motherhood, even if you don't feel so beautiful at the moment. We can creatively pose you to show off your bump and remember what it was like to have this life inside of you.

Birth sessions are also available by reserving a spot a few months prior to the birth. Ask Karen for more details about this special photographic documentary of your child's birth!

Little ones...

Belly laughs. Pouty lips. Sheer joy. Magical moments. Sibling rivalry. Wonder. Love. Hope. 

I love all of it. Every bit of messy, wonderful, crazy childhood. Our goal is to capture them just as they are, with their wild spirits or gentle nature.

Let's talk about what makes your little one(s) unique, what makes them laugh, and the best ways to interact, and I will take the time to  get to know them and play before we even get started so we have the best chance of capturing that childlike magic.